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Hey conspirators! I’ve been nominated for the 3 day 3 quote challenge by the prettiest, talented wafflemethis !!! OMG YAYY 😂😂😂 and don’t ask me why my reaction seems so exaggerated, because I myself don’t really know why I feel so excited to take up this challenge:)

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More Than Words

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Your actions speak louder than your words. It is so easy to speak sweet words, but you need to think long and hard about what you say and whether or not you are going to follow through. I am guilty of not keeping my word, but everyone fails at that one time or another. What I do know is that I do my very best to make amends and I have no problem apologizing and admitting my wrongs.

Communication is extremely important to me. If I have an issue with you I will not make you try and read my mind. I am honest, but kind. I think this is why I have such trouble accepting it when someone pulls away from me. I often wonder why they can’t tell me what they’re feeling or why they ignore me. In actuality the problem is really them and their inability to…

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The Times I Cry

Dear mfstark is very kind and thoughtful to add my impromptu words in one of his poems, The Times I Cry. I hope you guys will find it relatable and enjoyable to read as much as I do and DON’T FORGET to check this talented writer out!😊 He is amazing!😘

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You possess my thoughts
To dungeons I can’t lock
You’re always on my mind
I can’t seem to stop
You’re like the fruits I taste
They grow from flowers dead

Flowers once alive

In a past long gone in time
But not looking back
Hurts more than turning around
To face the truth of us

I’d ditched to get out of hell

Now sitting here alone
In this world not yet foretold
Pathetic and in rags
Crimson eyes fogged in wreckage
Scarlet tears tear the surface
To wash off our love

But turns out it never dies

For your presence still lingers
In the yards I had once sowed
Whatever you must have reaped
To get me out of your sins
Which was deadly, wasn’t it?

I tried

To write with every pretty lie
Disguising ugly truths behind
To smile and laugh through
Snaky fears
And trembling muscles in their tears
You think it’s easy to fake a frown
Without havin to turn it upside down
When times are getting faster now
They spill into your silent vows
And rake them into flakes and fouls
I tried so hard but it’s no use now
I’m back to where I was supposed to be
Before they cleansed me off my sins
I tried, I tried, I really TRIED
To keep it up with this stupid fight
With just me, myself and that pathetic I
There’s three of them
Who’s gonna thrive?
I tried, I tried and I really TRIED
To keep it blowing with scented joy
But once when the pen grabs hold of me
All I pour is misery
And misery and misery
Oh what a two-faced shit I can really be
And misery and misery
And broken dreams in hapless pits
But strength and courage left me drowned
I’m dead, not dying, HEAR ME OUT!
Screaming help through grateful smiles

I tried.
I’m sorry.
But I’m going now.


Sometimes, I ask myself this question

‘Why am I still living?’

Because it all brings sadness

And twisted controversies

Yes, I truly have no clue

To why I’ve chosen this route

When my existence means nothing

To every living thing

Dear God,

I know

People pray for safety and they pray

For love

They also pray for peace

To lighten up their world

And I used to be

One of them

Maybe ten years ago

But fate struck me like a hammer blow

So I gave up on that hope

I pray for You to take me away

And do whatever You want

Perhaps lock me up in Hell

Or disintegrate my self

But all in all as I go

Leave everyone out of this

No one deserves to ever know

Me and my insanity