Listen to the sorrows
Played like a melancholy
In the dreams envisioned on my smile
Sadly screaming its lungs out

Listen to the words
All said in a flicker
Plastered with the trance
Then gone like a river

Listen to the heart
Beating like an instrument
Its melodic taste of fear
Gratifying all my peers

Listen to me,
Could you please open up your ears to see?

Listen to my brokenness
In the bruises of every hurt
Left to rot in a corner
An unquenchable desired thirst

Next to where you should’ve been
But vanished were the words of love


10 thoughts on “Listen

  1. I began with “Listen” and could not stop there. What a beautiful gift, thank you for your words. Blogs like this are in my crusty middle aged heart a wonder of the time we live in. I absolutely continued reading on as long as my morning clock allowed. Have a wonderful day! Love and Light Always Runty

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    1. Thank you so much for such a thought-evoking comment. I’m certainly touched to know how much it means to you. And you flatter me, my blog is really nothing compared to yours. Have a nice day too:)

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