Mirrors Don’t Lie

Please stop lying to me
I know I’m not skinny
Neither am I thin
Or stunning from head to feet
Please stop suffocating me
With your whimsical weather
One moment I’m fat
The other I’m twenty kilos thinner
Thank you for knocking me out
Of my clouded naivety
It’s taken me so long to realise this
So why are you now stopping me?!
Don’t you want me to be thin and lovely?
You just want me to breathe
In regrets choking my facade?
With no one but fats to be on my side
When death creeps up to my saturnine eyes
Because mirrors don’t lie
Your words are cheap
With your actions they speak
They so mislead
They tell a story so disgraceful
Sometimes I wish it was just a dream
But no one can deny the truth in this
Especially when mirrors dont lie to it
The biggest you can ever find
Staring back at its gruesome sight
Cringing with silent hopes to be different
I run away
I’m terrified
They make up most of what you lie



Listen to the sorrows
Played like a melancholy
In the dreams envisioned on my smile
Sadly screaming its lungs out

Listen to the words
All said in a flicker
Plastered with the trance
Then gone like a river

Listen to the heart
Beating like an instrument
Its melodic taste of fear
Gratifying all my peers

Listen to me,
Could you please open up your ears to see?

Listen to my brokenness
In the bruises of every hurt
Left to rot in a corner
An unquenchable desired thirst

Next to where you should’ve been
But vanished were the words of love