Day 1 (3day3quote Challenge)

Hey conspirators! I’ve been nominated for the 3 day 3 quote challenge by the prettiest, talented wafflemethis !!! OMG YAYY 😂😂😂 and don’t ask me why my reaction seems so exaggerated, because I myself don’t really know why I feel so excited to take up this challenge:)

So here are the rules…

1. Thank the blogger, who nominated you😘
2. Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days in your blog. It can be from anywhere, anyone or anything that inspires you~> Which means, it can be from yourself too!!!🎉🎊😁

Last but not least…

3. Nominate 3 more bloggers to carry on this endeavour🙋🙌

As for today, the lucky ones are




Good Luck!🙆💪

And here’s my #QOTD

Set the trend and don’t look back

P.s Do CHECK OUT all the NOMINEES and especially THE ONE who NOMINATED me *bear hugs with a kiss* ❤


32 thoughts on “Day 1 (3day3quote Challenge)

  1. Well… first of all Thanks for all the likes you’ve given to my posts… and you know what… your posts are much better than mine… I mean you have a great sense of writing poems and conveying your ideas to others… I’ve never seen such a poet who conveys the ideas to people so easily and quickly… You simply rock in writing poems…!!! You can be a very great and successful poet if you showcase your lovely talent more and more by publishing your poems and promoting it in large scales… I have a gut feeling that you’ll beat each and every poetist and be the #1 Poet in the world…!!! My day doesn’t start and end without reading your poems… it’s becoming my habbit now… Anyways… at last I would say that you rock miss beautiful and please continue posting your awesome poems… It’s become My “NEED” now….!!!! 😉

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    1. Well your posts are interesting and helpful in ways we are somewhat shy to say;) And I wouldn’t have checked it out if you hadnt liked mine first so I owe it all to you:) Awwe thank you for such a sweet compliment omg definitely heartfelt and motivating! You just made me more confident with my works and thank you again for that! Well, I hope I can achieve that no. 1 poet in the world position hehe but there’s still so much for me to learn! THANK YOU for the faith I am extremely humbled and very very grateful for your sweetness❤❤❤ well, I NEED yours on my feed as well bcs it really cranks up the mood in an instance! Thanks pretty!!! Working on them now:)

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      1. Well I think Many others need to learn from you… And I’m glad that my posts are being helpful to such a living princess on this earth..!!! And I understand that most of the girls feel shy to share their views on my posts… it’s completely fine with me… And believe me you will achieve that position very soon and when you earn that position… I’m gonna throw a party…!!! Hehehe.. yey…!! And one more thing… Your posts make me have faith in you more and more… you have a very caring, cheerful, humble, kind… and endless complements… that describes a “PERFECT PRINCESS”…!!! And I’m so lucky that I’m communicating with a living princess… Anyways… if you want to know anything regarding the topics on which I write.. then do let me know… I’ll be happy to help you any time… And I wish that next time you nominate me for this contest… 😉 😀

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      2. Oh my god thanks! You’re such a bae but you flatter me too much. Princess? Well, the title goes to you!!! I’m actually very impressed to know that you’re very outspoken and bold to post whatever you’re posting now without giving a shit about what others think and such… I’m sure lots of girls and guys (!) need your guidance and support to spice up their life in a wink of an eye:) maybe they’re just to shy to admit it? Awwe, I’m utterly touched my dear. Your compliments are very warm and heartfelt to someone like me! Well, if that day comes, I think I should throw one in secrecy and invite you as the guest-of-honour lmao WELL NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE RIGHT??? Oh dear, you read my mind. I’ve already thought of listing you as one of my nominees for the day 2 challenge! Hope you’re gonna get more likes and comments and views through THIS and through that:) People ought to know the bubbly mastermind behind those sexy, orgasm-causing posts!😊😂😉😘 Cheers AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LIKE/WANT TO DO YEAH? You’re such an inspiration hun! 😊😍

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  2. Thanks so much Melxdyy! ^^ 😀😀😀😀😀omygosh omyogsh, I’ve never been nominated for anyting (other then this award in elementary school but everyone got that!) X))) this is so great! !!! ^^ 😢😢😙😚😚😏😏 thanks for opportunity and honour as well!! Lol

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  3. Well… you really are a princess… I mean a princess can only have this type of lovely thoughts…!!! That title doesn’t belong to me… and even if it does then let me tell you that I’ve “GOT” that title from you… But you’ve “EARNED” that title from me.. infact everyone… so it values more on you than on me….!!! And Thanks that you liked my outspoken attitude… Actually I always feel like sharing the stuff that can help others… all I need is happiness from people like you and which I get by doing this… I don’t care what people would think… everybody has his/her own different opinions… and all that I can do… is try to change them in the way I think… And I know that they need my guidance and support to spice up their life in a wink of an eye 😉 My Compliments contains only the truth about you… about what I felt after going through your awesone posts… and as you said that I’m a outspoken person… and maybe that’s why I write what I feet… and maybe that’s why it becomes compliments for you…!!!!! Well I would be very lucky and pleased to be invited as the guest of honour at your party… and yes.. nothing is impossible… and if try to separate impossible then it says… I… Am… Possible…!!! Right…? Don’t know how I learnt doing mind reading… maybe because of you… 😉 Thanks for revealing this unknown talent in me… 😉 😀 And One more BIG thanks for thinking to nominate me for the day 2 challenge… and yes.. I wish I get more more followers on my blog… not more than you… but atleast equal..;-) 😀 Hope that people Come across this lovely bubbly mastermind behind this sexy orgasm-causing posts… 😀 Cheers Beautiful… and you too… KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LIKE… More than me you’re the inspiration to the people…. 🙂 😉

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    1. Omg honey this just made my day I swear! You’re just so sweet in your compliments, your cute attitude, your everything!!! Keep doing what you like to okay? You’re very inspirational and it’s my very sincere pleasure to reveal it to you😍 Well, don’t thank me! You deserved it😉😉😉 and nahh, I ain’t no big famous blogger out there so my followers aren’t that many… But I hope you can reach your goals asap!💪💪💪 awwe, stop calling me the princess, Princess👸👸👸 I bet you’re the sex goddess in every guy’s eyes😈😈😈 and yesh you’re right, I M POSSIBLE😂😊 soo ANYTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE😘😌 do check out my latest post! I’ve nominated you so all the best darling😈😊

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  4. OMG honey this just made my day I swear! You’re just so sweet in your compliments, your cute attitude, thoughts, ideas… your everything…!!! You too Keep doing what you like to do… okay… You’re more inspirational than me… my inspirations can be applicable to only youths… that is people above the age of 18… but your thoughts, lovely poems and every damn beautiful thing can be applicable to every teenagers and childrens… so more than me you the rock the world sweety… And I will continously keep Thanking you again and again… you deserve that Queen… For me you’re the only one very famous blogger and I appreciate your work a lot…!!! I know that you’ll also reach your goals and that’ll be the luckiest day for you and for me too… 🙂 😉 By the way… why should I stop calling you princess…?? I mean when you really are a princess then how can I ignore that fact…?? I’ll keep you calling Princess… 😉 😀 Well… I’m not the sex goddess… there are many more better and awesome than me…!!!! And A huge Thanks and hugs for nominating me…!!! You rock Sweety…!!!! You’re The Best…!!! By The way… May I know you sweet name… (other than princess).. 😉

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    1. OMG THANKS BABE! I really appreciate how you don’t mind spending time to type out long and genuine comments for me IT’S JUST SO SWEET AND TEARFUL (IDK MAYBE I’M JUST TOUCHED BEYOND WORDS😂) well but isn’t that one BIG community already? Keep it up then!😘👍💪💪💪 Thank you! I hope it really DOES help them in one way or another. Oh my how am I supposed to return the favour if you keep thanking me😂😂😂 you’re so adorable I’m so glad to have known you through this. Well how about us being the PRINCESS – you with your reign, I with mine😊😍😙😘 – and let’s rule the world tgther!!! IT WILL BE DA BOMB BOOM🎊🎉😂 HEHE THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT OMG WELL AND YOU TOO! YOURE THE SPECIAL ONE 😉😉😉😈 Well what’s your name Princess? I’m Melody 👱

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  5. First of all… I don’t at mind spending time to type out long and genuine comments for you… according to me its the most precious and lovely time spent by me in the whole day… whenrver I write back to you… a smile is always there on my face… you give me positive powers which helps me forget the pains in my life…!!!! You’ve been very kind, adorable and sweet towards me…!!! More than you, I’m touched by your kind and sweet words…!!! You need not say me thank you again and again… I consider you as my one of the lucky charm…!!! My day doesn’t begin until and unless I read your latest post…!!! You’ve been the best to me and I’ll also be the best to you…!!! You need not return me anything in favour… if you really want to.. then favour me with your trust, gratitude, love, kindness, sweetness and Your lovely caring attitude…!!! You’re the one who makes me feel good day by day… you’re like my charger… which charges me with all the confidence and faithfulness…!!!! I’m also so glad that we both came across each other and got to know each other… Well I don’t mind being “US” as princess… and yes babe.. let’s rule the world… we’ll rock the world honey…!!! It’ll be The biggest bomb of century….!!!! Boom…!!!!! You’re The MOST specific one for me too… So Miss Melody I’m damn sure that you’re voice is also melodious…!!! And it shows that you’ve taken your name very seriously… your melodious nature is shown by your posts…!!!! By The Way… Myself Vicky Stratus…!!!! 😉

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    1. Oh my this is da bomb again😂😂😂😘😘😘 AWWE, DAMN WELL U NEVER FAIL TO BRING A SMILE TO MY FACE TOO❤ it’s amazing to know you Ms Vicky! You’re so cool and lovely and bright and amazing and pretty and sexy and erotic OH MY TAT COMPLETES THE WHOLE LIST OF MUST HAVE(S) IN A GIRL/LADY 😂😊 Lucky charm? BEING CALLED THAT IS SO CONFIDENT-BOOSTING! THANK YOU! Well you’re mine too hehe❤ my days have been brighter since u came around JUST KEEP DOING SO NOT TO ME, BUT OTHERS AS WELL!!! Damn I really feel extremely humbled>■< Well, thank you for the compliments, love I am just you know, overwhelmed beyond words (????) THANKS FOR MAKING THE DAY A BRIGHTER ONE LOVE! Yeah, it's gonna be crazy when we take over the world! 😉💪

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  6. I love to blast the bombs of happiness on others…!!!! Especially on you…!!!! And I Never will fail to bring a smile on your cute little face… I’m only One Year elder Than you miss beautiful…!!! Well I know you used many compliments for me but it doesn’t belong to me… after I cleared your misunderstanding… never mind… And Well… you really are my lucky charm… and believe me… I’ll make your days even more brighter than a glowing light…!!!! I’ll keep doing this not only to you… but to others as well…!!! I said you that you don’t need to thank me again and again… I say what I feel and what to deserve…!!! Your always welcome Sweety…!!! And yes… we’ll rock when we take over the world…!!! Have a good day…!!! 🙂

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    1. Heyy omg awwe I am extremely touched by this….😢😭 what misunderstanding may I ask? Oh so you’re 18??? Well, we’re still quite young and fresh😂😊😉😘 im happy to be holding that lucky charm title you’re just ughh… beyond irreplaceable ❤❤❤❤❤ thank you hun, awwe I HOPE I CAN DO THE SAME THING TO U TOO MY DEAR CHARMER😘😙 mine was made thanks to u, love XOXO U TOO!!!

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  7. Hey!
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my post! I had a little look at your blog; it’s so different than most of the other blogs around here and I like what I see so I’m going to hit the follow button 🙂 Hope you can do the same, thanks xx

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  8. Yeah… we’re fresh and knowledgeable…!!! More than you… I’m happy that I gave you that title…!!!! And yes I’m beyond irreplaceable… because there is only one “Me”… 😉 Hope you could do that… have a nice day princess…!!! 🙂

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