The irony of juxtapositions

This broke my heart because it kinda switched on the mp4 memory player in my head. Such melancholy to be treasured! And do check flawedsilence out! Her writings are SUPERIOR and most of the time they leave me speechless 😢😭

View the original one by clicking the link below and give her the likes she deserves in this post! 😉


2 thoughts on “The irony of juxtapositions

  1. Wow you are so sweet and I’m incredibly lucky to have come across you. Thank you so much. Your compliments flatter me, to an extent where it makes me smile, although I can’t express just how much your comments means to me, I can give you a bandaid to hold your heart together, and a little love. *hands you band aid* love you. I hope my poems don’t dampen the mood too much

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    1. Well it IS or rather, it has been this sweetness of yours that got me doing this. Furthermore, you’re an amazing young writer! I personally feel that your works should be made known to as much people as possible because you deserve all the likes and the compliments and many more:) Plus, I hope all these will eventually help out with your struggles as a teen in this confusing CONTRADICTING society😊 don’t thank me! You deserve more than this tbvh! Well, and whatever I’ve just said isn’t flattery but more of the honesty I feel towards you and your amazing works! So cheers and have confidence in yourself! *accepts band aid and bear hugs you* Your poems made me smile, darling.


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