Caged Bird

You and your sweet poetry
And it’s spark of ambiguity
Spinning me around
And lifting me off my feet
Now I’m a bird but with weak wings
Struggling through the malicious wind
And that’s when you walked away
Leaving me to fall in vain
Like an angel with broken wings
Wounds and scars all over its cheeks
Why did you let a caged bird out of its cage
When you couldn’t promise it to live


10 thoughts on “Caged Bird

  1. This is beautiful. We all have different catalysts which move us out of our familiar, our cage. And it’s scary when we get out there getting exposed to the new and then raw from those unfamiliar experiences. I feel like this is what I’ve experienced several different times in my life. Wonderful, touching poem.

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  2. Brilliant work! I may not be able to relate to you entirely, but we all have been through situations like these. Hope my short poem will inspire you! And keep up the good work!

    Blood-salt eyes, tears of blight
    Why do you haunt me every night
    My head filled with our demise
    I see crimson land and skies

    You, misnomer, my life asunder
    You tore the notes unto powder
    Ash-filled hills, chant thy krypton verse
    Leaves my soul hanging on a perch

    My mind is filled with maze,
    I cannot decide for there is haze
    You left behind a dead rose that cannot go
    How can I hold the sunflower with its glows

    Heaven bids the sun and rain,
    But forbids the fish and crane
    Nature, fate, maybe I should blame
    The doors you closed traps and maims

    I feel a touch of love that isn’t yours,
    Perhaps, perhaps I must truly let go


    1. Thank you. Wow, you write very well! I am extremely impressed! You’re certainly out of my league! But why is it such a miserable one? Very touching though… Let me reciprocate then:)

      The connection lingers like electricity
      A form of thunder and astounding lightning
      But I harbour astraphobia at the depths of what you can’t see
      Fret not, I am still at bliss
      With you out of my fortunate misery
      Go and sail through the ocean for someone out of my league
      Heaven will tear at your utmost sincerity
      A treasure hidden in your cruelty
      Yet beautiful in its insanity
      Lighting up roses with memories


  3. Thank you for the amazing reciprocative poem! If u do not so kindly mind scrutinizing my mediocre work, I’ll share more of my poems. Apologies for the meek use of conventional words. Due to circumstances, I have been rather unsocial… So hope you will enjoy it and hopefully further motivate you in expressing with writing!

    With scars as deep as hell,
    Pain beyond the physical realm
    One could only articulate
    With ink so red it darkens the palm
    Forget the sting, nor the blood
    They serve to undermine
    The waves of torment
    Crashing eternally On both ends
    Of one’s convulated head

    Desperate for relieve,
    Not even death can give
    tried and tested means of escape
    Seem to amplify the unsewn gap
    Just around my mound of flesh
    Seemingly resembling a human chest

    I seek not thy forgiveness,
    But of comprehension of my madness
    The days were dark,
    So was my heart

    Though some may doubt my claims,
    Hitherto, my heart utters words of plain
    Seeking only to tell the fading day
    It’s love was true till the last May
    It’s loyalty unnerved till thy final say

    Though the fish and crane cannot be,
    Hopefully they, in future, can still speak

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