But where were they

Kids In The Dark – All Time Low

Feeling like a nobody
Trudging on this tiny fickle of hope to live
Imperfect with insanity
Can’t handle a cup of spilling beans
Yes I’m a nobody
Sad, isn’t it
They actually abhor slits on the skin
They hate me when I hate me
Yet before the strawhouse broke loose
Where were they
Beneath this skin of mine
Gnawing my release
Or inside the blood that flows
Like drops of tears

outside the skin


4 thoughts on “But where were they

  1. Cutting, a drug of its own. May it be a part if history and not the future. For even cutting can become too dull. Then it’s all about the amount of blood flow. Till there’s nothing left to come out, soul and all.

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    1. Damn, you can portray this 10x better than me.. You’re right though but I just can’t seem to stop… I mean there are some times when I’m doing fine but then the temptation to cut gets stronger and stronger and me being the weak one gives way for it to take control of me and yeah:/ I know I sound a bit deranged (well actually I think I’m a lil mentally ill) but that’s how it is. Anyways I’m proud to say that I haven’t been anywhere near those damn blades for about 1.5 months! And I hope I’ll never go back to old ways EVER again:/

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      1. First, congratulations on going a month and a half! Keep up the fine fight. Secondly I was not restating your poem. Just acknowledging the problem YOU so well described. We’re all battling something, some of us just have a harder fight at times. Like you. Hang in there! Love your poem here. 🙂


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